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Your Questions Answered

Why Counseling?

The challenges we face sometimes can be tough on our own. Although we may have friends and/or family that we can "talk things through" with, counseling provides a unique platform in that we provide a safe space for people to talk, to vent, to show emotion. Counseling is also confidential which can be so important when sharing intimate details about you and your life. We listen with empathy, insight, understanding, and acceptance.

How much will this cost?

Many times counseling is one of the benefits of health insurance. Please check benefits prior to just to avoid confusion. At this time I am able to accept Optum/Medicaid, United Healthcare, Regence, Blue Cross, Aetna, and Cigna as well as private pay. I also like to remind people to check available benefits through their employer. Many people don't know about the EAP benefits that they offer.  
Average sessions range from 45-60 minutes and $90-140 per session.

How do I make an appointment?

However you prefer, many different options. You can give me a call at the number provided, send me an email, click on the contact me link, or click here  to go to the Client Portal. You can check availability and schedule online. 

For first time appointments, it is always best to call. Please bring in a copy of insurance card (if applicable) to your initial appointment. You also have the option of coming in a bit early to complete intake forms if you will be coming in person. There is also an option for all forms to be completed online through the portal. 

Telehealth vs In Person Sessions?

I am currently offering telehealth as well as in person options. At this time I have in person availability for Tuesdays and Wednesdays (telehealth is still an option for these days). Mondays and Thursdays are telehealth only. 

Telehealth is not suitable for everyone. If there are high risks, safety concerns, and/or a history of higher needs per a risk assessment, in person would likely be recommended. 

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